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Legends Sport is fast becoming a major player in Worldwide Football. We know, that being a professional football player is very time consuming, and therefore requires accompaniment in various situations in life. With great passion, willingness and joy, but also necessary expertise, we meet these tasks on a daily basis. We make the athlete feel, that he can comfortably and successfully follow his career along our side.

Our main focus is set on training and match analysis as well as video analysis of games and daily market observations. Furthermore, we make a professional network available for our players, consisting of medicine and media, and cultivate contacts to people responsible in industry and economy.

Looking for accommodation, tax consultant, commercial partner and much more is very time consuming. Time, the professional simply does not have or can’t afford to waste, since concentrating on playing football is far more important.

Our central concern is to let each and every player go to bed absolutely satisfied, no matter which problems might have occurred during the day. We deal with any problem and ideally solve them as quickly as possible.



    Legends Sport scouts accompany you as an up-and-coming player as well as your parents during the most important phase of your professional career – before it really gets going! Their keen instinct as qualified sports scientists and experienced scouts is the foundation of the professional work that we do for you. Our scouts regularly observe your games and, if necessary, your training, too. They analyse your sporting potential, show you your strengths, motivate you and – much more importantly – offer you constructive criticism so that you keep getting better and better! Besides appraising talented players, intensively swapping information ranks among the most important tasks of Legends Sport scouts.


Brokering during transfers

Legends Sport is an intermediary and agent in the world of sports and is an experienced negotiator with football clubs and sponsors. Legend Sport successfully brokered for a number of football players during their transfers between their clubs with good results. In moments like these, it is important that you are guided by your representative / licensed agent who has the knowledge and experience to make sure you get the most out of it. The other party has other interests than you have.


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We Fuel Growth

Agency Athlete will build your brand for the long haul. The average pro athlete career lasts only 3.8 years. We prepare our clients for their post-career from the moment they sign with us. Successful marketing takes a sustained effort by an experienced team. We are dedicated to helping our clients be successful both on and off the field. This is where Agency Athlete has set itself apart from the competition.

Public Relations

Agency Athlete offers an integrated public relations approach that increases media visibility by generating brand buzz. We commence the process with an in-depth brand analysis report that offers personal strategies in utilizing an athlete’s talent in the best way. The findings in this report provide us insight on how best to position your brand, leverage your star-power and create media opportunities. Our public relations solutions help take your game to the next level while having a dedicated team to back you up.

Social Media

Agency Athlete offers a range of social media services, including strategic planning, community management, digital marketing, brand monitoring and optimization. Social media is now a critical component to an athlete’s overall brand. Our team of social media consultants will work with you to develop a custom strategy that fits your vision. Our integrated approach is designed to leverage social media in order to increase visibility, engage your fan base and generate new business opportunities. Agency Athlete is an expert in utilizing social media strategies that leverage popular social networks in order to organically create media buzz for an athlete’s brand.

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